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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Jean Shepherd Audio archives

Netjuke @ shep-archives.com : /netjuke/search.php: "Shep Archives"

A great collection of Jean Shepherd radio shows, can be listened to online or downloaded as mp3 files. I listened to these as a kid and they bring back some terrific memories.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink: "DVD Shrink is free software. You should never pay for DVD Shrink."

I use this excellent software to back up my dvd's before I even play them for the first time.

Doom9 has a great guide to setting up and using DVD Shrink http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mpg/dvdshrink31-main.htm

DVD Shrink 3.1 guide

Recently, compressed domain transcoders have reached quite some popularity. These transcoders are based on algorithms designed to recompress an MPEG-2 stream in real-time for TV broadcast. These programs can transcode an entire DVD movie in only a few minutes, because they do not have to decode and re-encode the entire video stream, but only part of it. I will not go into a detailed explanation of the mechanisms used as they are quite involved but basically what you get is a size (and hence quality) reduction per time unit that cannot be rivaled by regular MPEG-2 encoders (though the latter category can yield better quality). DVD2One was the first program to be based on these principles, now DVD Shrink is the first free program to offer this functionality.