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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Digg is like Crack Damn Kevin Rose!

Digg is addictive, I can't not sit there and read the next story and find the next cool site. My Internet addiction was under control until I viewed my first episode of Diggnation. Now I sit at Digg and click from the front page to see what is hot to the digg for story page to see what is the latest site posted, then a quick click on digg spy then its back to my profile . While all this clicking is going on Winamp cycles through the first eight episodes of Diggnation over and over again, I hear Alex and Kevin talk about all of this great beer but mine ran out four days ago. I'm not getting any sleep and I haven't been to work or had a bath in a week. My supply of Mountain Dew is almost gone and even Netflix wants their DVD's back, I'm going to have to get to a store soon, I need bandages for the blisters on my mouse hand.

If anyone could please recommend a program (12 Step or other), I'm ready, I'll do whatever is necessary. Please help be beat this dreadful affliction.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Play the slot machine of Cosplay

Most of the words are in Japanese, but "Stop," "Start," and "Congratulations" -- are in English. The object is to dress the shaven anime lady up in all sorts of revealing and/or disturbing outfits. A little patience and hand-eye coordination to get the full frontal

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Japanese artist to re-create Afghan buddhas with laser light

Of the many atrocities committed by the Taliban during their reign in Aftghanistan, one of the most notorious was their destruction of several stone buddhas which were built into a cliffside west of Kabul.
Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata will soon be bringing those buddhas back to life using lasers.

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