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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Forbidden Love/Majo no jouken Thoughts And Spoilers

aka Witch's Requirement
A Japanese Drama/dorama

Some Thoughts And Spoilers!!!

The Ending!! Please do not read this if you have not finished watching the entire series! Spoilers directly ahead.

I am a big fan of ambiguous endings, films or TV shows that don’t spell out exactly what has happened have more impact because I’m thinking about what happened at the end and how I’m supposed to interpret it. My first reaction to this ending was, what just happened! I expected that Michi played by Nanako Matsushima, was going to awaken from her coma and when she opened her eyes and ran her fingers through Hikaru’s hair I had the happy ending that I fully expected, until Hikaru portrayed by Hideaki Takizawa, opened his eyes and then went back sleep. So her awaking from the coma was only a dream. Throughout the series the couple would talk about running away to somewhere that they could be together and free a happy land, the only happy land that the two of them could share together was a dream.

The drama at times I believe had the characters doing some very stupid things. I thought that Michi jumping right from her near marriage, to a love affair with a student rather too quick. Michi declaring her love in front of the assembly was a very bad idea, the only excuse I can conceive is that she was in shock from her fathers betrayal and decided to lash back but obliviously ruins Hikaru’s chance for happiness at the school and thereby her own. The other motivation I question is that if Michi truly loved Hikaru couldn’t she have waited until he finished school, he would be of age and also a much brighter future then the gas station attendant he eventually becomes. Why couldn’t she wait or was her emotional state just so agitated that she couldn’t.

The drama reminded me a lot of Aoi tori aka Bluebird which is about an illicit love affair between a station master and a married woman. In fact the protagonists of both dramas lose jobs they love and take employment as manual laborers at a fish market as they are forced to flee there homes under the pressure of society.

People speak of the disturbing factor of this drama as the student / teacher love affair but what I find more disturbing is Hikaru’s mother played by Kuroki Hitomi. At times the jealously that motivated her appeared driven more by lust then by motherly concern. I would consider incest to be more taboo then a twenty six year old woman having an affair with a seventeen year old male.

I’ve had this drama for a while but finally watched it this past weekend as this ongoing case in Albany New York, sparked my interest and I wanted to see a different cultural perception on this issue.

This is from the Times Union Website
Former teacher pleads not guilty in rape case
Sandra Beth Geisel faces trial in Christian Brothers Academy case
By MICHELE MORGAN BOLTON, Staff writer Albany Times Union
First published: Wednesday, September 14, 2005
ALBANY -- Sandra Beth Geisel cradled her head in shackled hands and cried Tuesday after she pleaded not guilty to raping a 16-year-old boy.
Geisel, 42, a former teacher at Christian Brothers Academy, was indicted Friday on charges that also include engaging in a criminal sexual act with her former student.
In New York, it is illegal to have sexual contact with anyone under 17.
The student was three months from his 17th birthday when the incidents allegedly occurred.

So in the circumstances presented by this drama it would not be illegal for Hikaru and Michi to have sex in my home state, I don’t know what laws would be broken if they had runaway together as they did this drama.

My biggest objection with the situation as presented is the student/teacher relationship. Because Hikaru and Michi are so close in age and because Hikaru is so close to legal age, I do not have a strong objection to their relationship, quite the contrary I was rooting for them.

The other thing I question is if the roles had been reversed would my attitude be different. If it was a male teacher and a seventeen year old girl, or if the teacher had been older or the student younger; I would be more apt to be against it.

Society although touted as being free has many rules and customs that it imposes on individuals, rightfully so in many cases, no one condones murder or theft, but rules and customs do change over time, the hateful practice of slavery has been outlawed for a far shorter period of time less then a few hundred years. It was considered the norm in many societies for the prior four thousand years.

I enjoyed the drama very much it had a superior ending and gave me much to ponder. I would highly recommend it no matter what your feelings are on the subject matter itself. The acting was first rate from all of the principal actresses and actors.

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Anonymous gromitt@d-addicts said...

I remembered watching and pondering over the ending for weeks.... there's so many layers to this, isn't it? Watching it is like looking at a painting... that experience and journey is yours only.

9/01/2006 04:41:00 PM  
Blogger Roses said...

i really love ur sites...making reviews on japanese drama.
i watched this drama over n over again. in fact, it was the first jp drama...

will b dropping by on n off..

2/29/2008 05:15:00 AM  
OpenID kimkhanh said...

Thank you very much :D I'm going to watch this.

2/21/2009 10:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Hunny said...

i've watched it only on 2011..

10/03/2011 06:22:00 AM  

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