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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gundam SEED Net [v3]

Gundam SEED Net [v3]: "Gundam Seed
aka Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

Asuran [left], Kira [right]

Air Date (JAP): October 2002 through 2003
Air Date (USA): April 17, 2004 {CN}
Number of Episodes: 50


Story: Hajime Yare, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Director: Mitsuo Kukada
Series Organization: Chiaki Morosawa
Character Design: Hisashi Hirai
Mecha Design: Kunio Ogawara, Kimitoshi Yamane
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda
Production: Sunrise

A conflict which started between the Earth Alliance [aka Naturals] and Zaft [aka Coordinators], which started because of economic troubles was clearly undecided. The two sides had no other choice, and war broke out. 11 months after this war started is when the timeline of Gundam SEED all begins. Heliopolis; a colony which is a 'neutral' colony was dragged into the war while Earth hid their secret mobile suits here. ZAFT mobile suit force raids Heliopolis and thus capturing all but 1 of the Gundams.

This series is truely one that has interesting twists and turns and seems to always have new things that will hit you out of no where. Character deveolpement is something that Gundam Seed seems to have plenty of... the characters are involved in various relationships and seem to not care about 'fighting' in general compared to some other series.

I'd recommend this Gundam series to everyone even if you're not exactly the greatest mecha fan, theres something for everyone.

Have you ever wondered what 'GUNDAM' Take a look!..."

This is a great resource that I found after watching Gundam Seed and looking for more info it. Also covers other series in the Gundam Universe. Wallpapers and music files are available too.

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