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Friday, September 15, 2006


Does anyone know of any podcasts that feature Japanese dramas, I listen to the Weekly Anime Review and Aaron has reviewed “Densha Otoko”, “Maid in Akihabara” and last week had a mini review of the 3 episodes released so far of “Akihabara@Deep” but that’s only 3 dramas in 40 episodes. I also listened to the Popcorn Samurai and enjoyed the only podcast he released he reviewed “Seven Samurai” and the first “Zatoichi” but sadly hasn’t released a 2nd episode.

Hint! Hint! To any potential podcasters out there here is a niche that needs to be filled. With large numbers of shows being and subbed and traded I’d like to think that Asian dramas are in the position anime was before being marketed to the domestic American audience. So there would be many listeners who have a keen interest in the subject.

If your currently podcasting about Asian dramas and movies please leave a coment here and I put up a link back to your site. Thanks.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Attention Please

Attention Please

Attention Please is the Spring 2006 comedy staring Ueto Aya as Misaki Yoko, a tomboy raised with three brothers. Who as the drama starts is singing in a punk rock band’s final performance. The band is breaking up because Tsukasa the lead guitarist is leaving for Tokyo to start a normal job.

The band goes to the airport to say goodbye to Tsukasa who is now dressed in a suit. All the guys go crazy when some JAL flight attendants walk past. Misaki says that it’s only the uniform that appeals to the guys, and she would look just as good in one. The band laughs at her and even Tsukasa states that she’s not suited to be a flight attendant. This of course makes Misaki angry, stating that she’ll become a flight attendant to prove herself.

Misaki shows up for the flight attendant interview in her punk rock outfit to discover a line of interviewees in professional attire awaiting their interviews. Misaki grabs a girl as she exits the interview and switches clothes with her, forgetting until she sits down for her interview that she’s still wearing her own red boots. This scene is reminiscent of the interview scene in GTO, however the interviewers see some potential in Misaki and she is hired. Misaki thinks that she is now a flight attendant, but learns that she is only a trainee and may never actually become a flight attendant unless she passes the training.

I loved Ueto Aya as Misaki, she displays the energy required to portray this character. She acts as the Beatles did in their movies with a constant frantic movement, she doesn’t walk or run as much as bounce around the screen. At first she doesn’t take the training seriously nor have any respect for flight attendants.

She tells her instructor that “being a flight attendant just means pouring tea in the sky”. A few episodes later with a little job experience she is prepared to punch a reporter who makes the same remark.

The supporting cast is very good especially Uehara Misa as Ueto’s rival and Kohinata who you may remember from “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye” who does a nice job as the fatherly airline pilot nearing retirement.

Be sure to stick around for through the final credits as it changes with each episode. Ueto models a different era JAL uniform, the entire episode is repeated fast forward on a small screen as Kaela Kimura sings “Pretty Woman”.

Kioku Fansubs did a great job with the fan sub, the subs are in a nice font that's easy to read, notes and other content are displayed at the top of the screen and are well done and appreciated

Attention Please is a stereotypical shonen storyline of work hard to realize your dreams.

I found this to be an extremely likable comedy with lots of energy and fine performances, and well worth watching.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Manga and Japanese Dramas Some Connections

KIMI WA PETTO (You Are My Pet), published in America as Tramps Likes Us by TokyoPop. I really enjoyed them both, even though the drama is based on the manga the storyline is a little different in the manga

Densha Otoko which is being released this fall in the US in two different manga versions, is also a movie

My current favorite series is akihabara@DEEP up to episode 3 has been released and the series gets better and better. The poster of the torrents Koneko posted that akihabara@DEEP is based off the manga by Ira Ishida. I've never seen the manga. The series has many manga and anime references. Latest Episode is about Cosplay and I have some screenshots at my blog.

I'm excited that Nodame Cantabile is going to be aired in Japan this fall I hope someone subs it because I love the manga.

GTO, a drama series and two movies, a 25 volume manga run and around 45 episode anime Great Teacher Onizuka aways rated as #1 drama at http://www.jdorama.com/topdramas.htm

Gokusen currently user rated as #2 at jdorama

Battle Royale - Survival Program drama and also two movies. I haven't seen the drama but the movies and manga are excellent.

Attack No.1starring Ueto Aya is a fun drama about high school volleyball and the national team.

Hotman starring Takashi Sorimachi, I haven't seen this or its sequel yet.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Get Past Yui's Death

Otoko on his way to a funeral vigil

Daruma is cosplaying Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 at Yui's Vigil Service. Yui's parents throw out the entire @DEEP group, they don't understand how their daughter a "Hikikomori" herself could possibly have helped other people.

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Akihabara@DEEP Search 3

Search 3
@Deep Officially Launches

Get Past Yui's Death,
Her final message to the group comes through the computer AI

@Deep officially Launches

@Deep is a company designed to protect Akihabara

The 1st incident brought to the @DEEP.
Who is taking hidden camera video of the girls as they change into
their costumes and releasing the video on the net and

Capture The Cosplay Peeping Tom

Kosaka Yuka as Akira

Akira gets into character as Lum

What a Smile

Our favorite Battling Maid in Cosplay Heaven
Will she be back next week in her Maid Uniform at
the Maid Cafe? We'll have to wait and see what happens in
Episode 4

The Only Way is UP

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tokyo Friends and Nana

I just finished watching the 5 Episode Japanese dorama "Tokyo Friends". It's fun to watch and recommended to anyone who is currently watching or reading Nana and enjoying that. Friends is like Nana squared. Nana is about 2 girls both named Nana who share an apartment. One of the girls was in a band with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend leaves the band joining another on the fast track to fame. "Friends" is about 4 girls who share a job in a bar, one of the girls joins a band and starts dating the lead guitarist who subsequently leaves to join a more popular band on the fast track to fame.
The music from the two shows is completely different. Nana is a punk rocker, Iwatsuki Rei played by Otsuka Ai is straight jpop and I enjoy both. Otsuka Ai does the theme song "Friends" for the series, but I prefer her version of "To Me" which she sings through out the show.
Both shows are about traveling to Tokyo and working hard to pursue your dreams, "Friends" adds two more female characters, all 4 have a dream, one music, one an art student, one to be an actress and playwright, and one who wants to marry an elite.
Nana is still ongoing 18 episodes out of a planned 50 have been aired and while "Friends" the series is finished the story was left up in the air a movie was released on August 12 in Japan. I can't wait for the DVD release to see ending to this engaging story.

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