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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Manga and Japanese Dramas Some Connections

KIMI WA PETTO (You Are My Pet), published in America as Tramps Likes Us by TokyoPop. I really enjoyed them both, even though the drama is based on the manga the storyline is a little different in the manga

Densha Otoko which is being released this fall in the US in two different manga versions, is also a movie

My current favorite series is akihabara@DEEP up to episode 3 has been released and the series gets better and better. The poster of the torrents Koneko posted that akihabara@DEEP is based off the manga by Ira Ishida. I've never seen the manga. The series has many manga and anime references. Latest Episode is about Cosplay and I have some screenshots at my blog.

I'm excited that Nodame Cantabile is going to be aired in Japan this fall I hope someone subs it because I love the manga.

GTO, a drama series and two movies, a 25 volume manga run and around 45 episode anime Great Teacher Onizuka aways rated as #1 drama at http://www.jdorama.com/topdramas.htm

Gokusen currently user rated as #2 at jdorama

Battle Royale - Survival Program drama and also two movies. I haven't seen the drama but the movies and manga are excellent.

Attack No.1starring Ueto Aya is a fun drama about high school volleyball and the national team.

Hotman starring Takashi Sorimachi, I haven't seen this or its sequel yet.

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Anonymous Os said...

"Densha Otoko which is being released this fall in the US in two different manga versions, is also a movie"

Actually three. Del Rey, CMX, and Viz all have their hands on one. I look forward to all of them and most likely getting Del Rey's becuase I'm a fan of their stuff and Viz only if it's cheaper than a normal volume.

Of course there are many other manga/live action shows out there, but the more recent ones include Honey and Clover, Death Note and Mushishi.

9/19/2006 07:29:00 PM  

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