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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tokyo Friends and Nana

I just finished watching the 5 Episode Japanese dorama "Tokyo Friends". It's fun to watch and recommended to anyone who is currently watching or reading Nana and enjoying that. Friends is like Nana squared. Nana is about 2 girls both named Nana who share an apartment. One of the girls was in a band with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend leaves the band joining another on the fast track to fame. "Friends" is about 4 girls who share a job in a bar, one of the girls joins a band and starts dating the lead guitarist who subsequently leaves to join a more popular band on the fast track to fame.
The music from the two shows is completely different. Nana is a punk rocker, Iwatsuki Rei played by Otsuka Ai is straight jpop and I enjoy both. Otsuka Ai does the theme song "Friends" for the series, but I prefer her version of "To Me" which she sings through out the show.
Both shows are about traveling to Tokyo and working hard to pursue your dreams, "Friends" adds two more female characters, all 4 have a dream, one music, one an art student, one to be an actress and playwright, and one who wants to marry an elite.
Nana is still ongoing 18 episodes out of a planned 50 have been aired and while "Friends" the series is finished the story was left up in the air a movie was released on August 12 in Japan. I can't wait for the DVD release to see ending to this engaging story.

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