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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Akihabara@DEEP Fan Sub Group Comparisons

Fan Sub Group Comparisons

TV-Nihon has done an amazing job, even though they just started releasing episodes of Akihabara@DEEP in the past few weeks they have already caught up to Love Song and with this episode passed them.

But this speed has costs. The video quality of Episode 7 is just OK and the way it is encoded refused to play in one of my DVD players. It plays fine on the computer so if that’s how you watch dramas it won’t be an issue for you. But to play in a stand alone player it may or may not work. Love Song releases have always played fine in my DVD player. While the large file size of Love Song releases don’t have the HQ look of similar file size releases it is much better then the TV-Nihon release. The lack of picture quality from both groups may be due more to the quality of the raws that both groups have available to them.

Love Song gets the advantage for video quality they also took the time to translate the credits on the computer board at the start of the show. This and other little things like it along with a better picture will have me downloading the Love Song releases no matter when they are released.

I love this show and always want to see the next episode as soon as I can so I’ll download whichever group releases first. But the Love Song releases are the ones that I plan on keeping and burning to DVD so I can watch them again.

Thanks to both groups for subbing this series it is one of my favorites. TV-Nihon please keep up the fast pace so I can get my next Akira fix. Love Song please keep up the high quality job you've done with this series so far.

Bit Torrents for the Love Song releases can be downloaded here.
Bit Torrents for the TV-Nihon releases can be downloaded here.

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