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Friday, October 27, 2006

Akihabara@Deep Search 4 Taiko in Love?

Save the brainwashed Akiba Children
TV-Nihon has started fansubbing Akihabara@Deep as part of their 4th birthday celebration. They have released episodes 1-4 as of today, looks like the first release was on October 22nd . LOVE SONG has released episodes 1-5 as of today, they released their first episode on August 07th. You can download the bit torrents for all 5 of the Love Song releases at D-Addicts and the 4 episodes from TV-Nihon at their tracker along with Sailor Moon Live action and Kamen Rider episodes that they have subbed.

Below are screenshots from episode 4 the TV-Nihon release. None are spoilers and only cover about the first 8 minutes of the show. To compare releases I have screenshots of the cosplay episode number 3 of the Love Song release here. Where you can see my favorite battling maid Akira cosplaying as Lum in a leopard bikini.

Not Moe' enough for you try this

If this show isn't bizarre enough for you try this one.

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