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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monkey Majik "Around the World" Lyrics

Monkey Majik "Around the World"

Sample from YouTube

Every night I look to the skies and wonder what we did.
Always on I've warned you that it would break us in the end.
If I could find the meaning of it all, I would take the chance
Maybe in time we'll walk a mile and change it if we can.
Now and always... (How did we get this far? Did we get this far? Ooh...)
Always... (We've come back today!)
Around the world... Atarashii Koto ni...
[new things begin]
Around the world... Furidasu Chikara de...
[with a powerful trembling]
Around the world... Sekai wa Kawaru sa but don't run away...
[the world changes, but don't run away]
Cuz it's not okay!
Around the world... Kimi dake no tame ni...
[for you alone]
Around the world... Sagashitsudzukeru yo...
[I kept on searching]
Around the world... Kiseki no kakera wo...
[for the fragments of a miracle]
But don't run away! Cuz it's not okay!
I'll change the world into something better, honey.

These lyrics were cut from the subs
Translated by 8thSin
Timing provided by tianj
RAW provided by gryzze
Edited by : pokute
SFX by: 8thSin
Timing for SP by: yanie

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