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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Akihabara@deep Search 8 Maid Cafe Wars!

Investigate the ero maid cafe. The troubleshooters from @Deep have to risk it all as they investigate the ero maid cafe that's open up next Akane's maid cafe and threatens to drive Akria and the other Akane maids out of a job. Izumu goes undercover in maid uniform attire. As the ero cafe cheats and tricks there otaku masters. You can download the torrent for this episode here. Subbed with incredible speed by TV-Nihon Thanks for the hard work guys.

Sample of the Opening from YouTube

Great Maid War
Zombie Maids


More Zombie maids

Himura Yuuki as Daruma


Hoshino Gen as Taiko

Himura Yuuki as Daruma

Taiko, Page, Box and Akira

Matsushima Hatsune as Izumu

@DEEP friends

Ero Maids

What a pair of maids

Kosaka Yuka as Akira

Akira being friendly with the Otaku, she dishes up the fan service

Ero Maids

Nagomi with her maids

Let Me GO

Forbidden Ero Maid Cafe

Akira and Izumu


Ero Maid Cafe

Ero Maid Cafe Swimsuit Party

Many Different Kinds of Mo-e

Izumu in her Maid Uniform

Matsushima Hatsune as Izumu

A truly Great Maid War

Sensei Hanzawa

Kitamura Kazuki as Nakagomi Takeshi

Next episode Boxes past, Conquer the fear of women

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to say your taste in dorama/JTV is impeccable. I appreciate your recommendations and hope you continue the blog.


11/06/2006 02:44:00 AM  

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