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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Garo Screen Shots of Episode One

Episode One Picture Book

Garo is a Japanese SFX TV series (Tokusatsu) it was marketed towards teens and adults, it contains violence, nudity, and mature themes and first aired in Japan in the fall of 2005. I just discovered it on TV-Nihons site, you can download the bit torrent files for Garo here.

What follows is a set of uncommented screen shots of the entire first episode where we meet the two main characters Saejima Kouga or Golden Fang Garo and Mitsuki Kaoru the artist that becomes live bait for Garo. This episode also introduces a Horror and explains a little bit of what is going on in the series. The entire series runs for 25 episodes and a lot more information acan be found here at Wikipedia.

If you like action adventure and dark fantasy check this show out, while the acting in the first episode can't be described as good that really isn't the point of this show anyways. The SFX were pretty good and the many fights were pretty well done. I look forward to learning more about the world of Garo. I also really liked the opening song "Theme of GARO" by TRY FORCE & JAM Project, I put the YouTube sample after the screen shots

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Anonymous Angie said...

Nice graphic. Wish there are more.

7/04/2007 07:14:00 AM  

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