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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu Episode 1

I watched this first episode a few nights ago, I was very surprised as I had read nothing about it but just seen the two promo photographs that are displayed below. I expected "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun", to be like the anime Gunslinger Girls and that is exactly how the first five minutes of the show proceeded, but then it completely changed direction. The story which I won't spoil, this action as well as the screen shots below all occur in the first ten minutes of the show.
A high school girl known only as a good note taker loses her father to what at first appears to be an accident, and she inherits an anemic yakuza gang. The gang doesn't do the normal evil yakuza activities and has dwindled in size to only 6 members. At first she outright refuses the gang and they decide to disband. but when she learns that her father may have been murdered she agrees to take over the gang leadership hoping to use them to discover the truth behind her fathers death. The first episode was both surprising and entertaining. I look forward to watching more as the subtitles are released.
Tsutsumi Shinichi plays Sakuma Makoto you may recognize him from the many dramas that he has appeared in such as Good Luck, Lunch no Joou ,Yamato Nadeshiko and the Hero Special that came out this year. I really liked him in Good Luck as the driven pilot. The heroine,Hoshi Izumi is portrayed by Nagasawa Masami, she's been in some good stuff before notably Dragon Zakura and Sakura but my favorite previous appearance was in Yasashii Jikan where she played the coffee shop waitress who kept dropping the dishes.
You can download the bittorrent files here. These are the Raw files Episodes 1-4 have been released, soft subtitles are being done D-Fansubs and the subs for episode 1 are done and can be downloaded here.



Screen Shots Below

Sakuma Makoto & Hoshi Izumi

It's a War


Good Morning Mom

Father and Daughter

The Boss lies dying

Just a normal Japanese School

The Careful Note Taker

Father and Bus

Deer in the Headlights

The Boss's Final Wish Succession to a Blood Relative

Hoshi Izumi

Hoshi Izumi and the Medaka Gumi


Temple Festival

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Blogger Zero said...

This drama looks crazy!

Have you watched the indy movie Electric Dragon 80,000V?

11/10/2006 09:16:00 AM  

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