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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kiddy Grade Wallpaper Downloads

Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs

Kiddy Grade is a pretty good anime series if you can make it through the first seven or eight fan service heavy, random episodes that is. The first seven episodes seem to only exist for Gonzo to portray Eclair panty-shots. The stories are random but fun and I stuck around because I had heard that the series greatly improved. I agree with that assessment the stories turn much darker and become a collected whole although it does seem to fall apart again late in the series. The series is available on DVD from Netflix or buy the box set from Amazon for $85.

Any series that includes Asimov's three 3 laws is more then watchable in my book. I don't like anime about giant robots but I really like anime that include AI.

After the wallpaper I posted a YouTube video slide show of Kiddy Grade with the opening theme as background music.

The Wallpaper Below are all 1024 x 768

Kiddy Grade Slideshow

This slide show uses images from Kiddy Grade, the music is the Opening Theme:
"Mirai no Kioku (未來の記憶; Future's Memory)" by Yuka

A couple of days late for Christmas but here's a couple of cute Santas

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