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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sh15uya Screen Caps, Video and torrent links

Sh15uya is a virtual Shibuya, Tsuyoshi wakes up in an alley and has amnesia but he finds a note in his mouth that only says escape Shibuya. He gets involved in a gang fight and winds up saving a girl that then attempts to kill him. That girl is "broken" and she is killed by Peace then fights with Ema the one girl in Sh15uya that knows who Tsuyoshi is. It's a decent first episode to an action adventure show from Japan that aired in 2005. It also happens to be the Aragaki Yui (Aragaki picture gallery) first TV show and she's pretty good as the kick ass heroine, quite different from her role this year in My Boss My Hero. But the weird part about the show is that the 15 year old hero is actually portrayed by a 17 year old actress Yuki Saya she is OK in the part but it is quite obvious that she is a girl and no this wasn't a spoiler.

Sh15uya has been subbed by TV-Nihon and the bit torrents can be downloaded here. To see more photos and videsos of Aragaki Yui go here. To watch episode one scroll to past the screen captures and enjoy.

Pronounced Shibuya Fifteen

Yuki Saya as Tsuyoshi

Aragaki Yui as Ema

Haga Yuria as Asagi

Virtual Shibuya

Escape Shibuya



Lovegen vs Palhands

Konno Narumi as Chiko

Mark Musashi as Peace


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