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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Matsumoto Jun to Star in Bambino!

All you Matsumoto Jun fans have something to look forward to after Hana Yori Dango season 2 ends this spring. A new drama based on the cooking manga "Bambino!" I can't find any info on an English manga release, no groups are currently doing scanlations into English and it is not licensed.

Here is the link to the NTV page advertising the drama. If you can read Japanese you can preview the first 48 pages of the manga here.

Bambino! Manga To Become TV Drama
posted on 2007-01-30 06:47 EST
Cooking manga becomes part of NTV Spring Drama Lineup
Japanese broadcast company NTV has announced that a live-action TV Drama based on the Bambino! manga will begin airing this April. The manga, written by Sekiya Tetsuji, is about a college student named Shougo who moves to Tokyo to develop his cooking skills at an Italian restaurant and become a world-class chef.

The lead character in the show will be played by Matsumoto Jun, who is a member of the popular boy band Arashi. Matsumoto, who has read the original manga, said that he intends to practice Italian cooking techniques for the role.

According to the NTV website for the show, the drama will air on NTV every Wednesday at 10PM starting in April.
from ANN

Manga Covers for the first 6 volumes.

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Orange Range "Sayonara" & "Shanghai Honey"

The theme song for Teppan Shoujo Akane!! is "Sayonara" by Orange Range, you can direct download the mp3 here.

They also made a PV for the song and the storyline in the PV has nothing to do with "Teppan Shoujo Akane!!" but tells it's own story and runs around nine minutes long.

Here is the YouTube Video of "Sayonara"

"Shanghai Honey" is another Orange Range song that is used in the drama "Orange Days". Click here to download the bit torrent file for "Shanghai Honey".

Here is the YouTube Video for Shanghai Honey, this is sure to be a favorite for the guy who likes to see pretty girls in bikinis. There is a great scene in "Orange Days" when the cast are riding in a car singing this song.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hana Yori Dango 2 Theme Songs Download

The Hana Yori Dango 2 theme songs are available to download in one bit torrent file, you can download it here.

Utada Hikaru - Flavor Of Life
Arashi - Love So Sweet

I previously posted links to download the music video of "Flavor of Life" you can check it out here, also you can view the YouTube video at the same post.

Flavor of Life -Ballad Version- PV

Arashi - Love So Sweet (Fan Video)

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Teppan Shoujo Akane!! Episode 1 Screen Shots

“Teppan Shoujo Akane!!” was a pretty highly anticipated show for me; I had enjoyed Horikita Maki performance as Nobuta in Nobuta wo Produce and was looking forward to seeing her in another drama. I was pretty disappointed after a good start to the first episode, the drama seemed to falter. The storyline is almost an exact copy of the “Addicted to Curry” manga, except instead of cooking curry in the family restaurant Akane (Horikita Maki) is a teppanyaki chef. The male lead Shinta (Tsukamoto Takashi) instead of being a great chef has a great sense of smell, so good a sense in fact, that it is by scent that he recognizes his childhood friend Akane. Akane’s father has abandoned her to run the store as he has gone traveling. There is an evil corporation run by Erena (Katase Nana) who attempts to take Akane’s restaurant away just like in “Addicted to Curry”. I watched the first two episodes and debated with myself whether or not to continue , the soft subs are just OK a few scenes in each episode are left without translation, some times the subs just don’t seem to make any sense. Anyways I’m glad I continued, the later episodes the story really improves and either the subs have improved or I just got used to them. I would now really recommend the show to anyone who enjoys comedy dramas and or really likes to cook or watches cooking competition. Just don’t watch this show when your hungry it’ll drive you nuts and give it a couple of episodes before you quit watching, it just gets better as it goes on like a fine wine or a good marinade. The screen caps below are from the first 10 minutes of episode 1 so no really spoilers. I really like the ending theme song performed by Orange Range "Sayonara", I'll find my copy and post a link later tonight.

If you’d to download the video files you can get them here. The English soft subs can be downloaded here.

Horikita Maki as Kagura Akane

Akiko as Katsura Mikan & Natsuko as Katsura Yuzu

Katase Nana as Erena

Tsukamoto Takashi as Shinta

Ryu Raita as Akashi Mitsujiro

Jinnai Takanori as Kurogane

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hana Yori Dango Season 2 Episode 4 Screen Caps

Every week I say the same tired line, this is my favorite episode so far. Guess what? It's the same this week! Things are really starting to heat up and I really enjoy this part of the story arc very much. The writers are staying much closer to the original storyline then they did in the first season. All the characters are well introduced by now and the dynamic between them is the focus of this episode.
There is so much going on in the early part of the show that I've only included screen caps for the first seven minutes to avoid any spoilers. Needless to say something pretty big happens at the 8 minute mark I leave it to you to discover.
If you haven't download this episode yet, you can download the raw video file here, and you can get the English soft subs here. You can find a link to download the Chinese Hard subs for this episode here.

Matsumoto Jun as Domyoji Tsukasa
Kato Natsuki as Ogawara Shigeru

Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi

Kaga Mariko as Domyoji Kaede
David Ito as Nishida

Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui

Ishino Mako as Makino Chieko
Kobayashi Susumu as Makino Haruo

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