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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Erai Tokoro Ni Totsuide Shimatta!

I've Been Married To Hell

What to watch while I wait for the next episode of Hana Yori Dango, I've gotten a few emails this week asking me about other Japanese drama series. Erai Tokoro Ni Totsuide Shimatta! or I've Been Married To Hell is a new drama currently airing in Japan, it's a comedy my preferred type of drama and what drew me to download the first two episodes is that one of my favorite actresses has the staring role.
Nakama Yukie plays Kimiko, a bride who falls asleep at her wedding ceremony, she is a smart hardworking freelance journalist. Her costar Tanihara Shosuke plays Isojiro her husband. Yukie starred in both Gokusen 1 and 2 and Shosuke played her love interest in Gokusen 2. While she didn't get anywhere with him in the 10 episode Gokusen 2, she gets to marry him in the first minute of this series. The Hell that is referred to in the title is her in-laws house and her mother in-law in particular. Matsuzaka Keiko plays the very traditional Japanese wife and mother in-law. Nukumizu Youichi who appeared in Densha Otoko, Galcir and Haruka 17 (all dramas I recommend) plays the hen pecked brother in-law
I really liked the first two episodes of this series, it reminds me of the series Double Kitchen which starred Yamaguchi Tomoko another great comedian, in fact the second episode is about the bride having to prepare a traditional Japanese funeral played out very much like it did in Double Kitchen. However Erai Tokoro Ni Totsuide Shimatta! doesn't portray the mother in-law as such an over bearing almost evil character. It was written by Goto Noriko who was also the screenwriter for Attention Please, and My Little Chef two dramas I liked with Ueto Aya.

You can download the first two episodes, the bit torrent files can be found here. The English soft subs are being done by Vulcan 300 Fansubs and can be downloaded here. Please be sure to post a message thanking them for doing the subtitles so that we can all enjoy this show.

The screen caps below are all from the first 10 minutes of episode 1 so no real spoilers here. Give this series a try you might really enjoy it. After the screen caps is a 6 minute clip of the show from YouTube.

YouTube 6 minute Opening of Episode 1

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