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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warau Michael - Arch Angels

Harry Potter meets Charlie's Angels meets HYD meets Maria-sama ga Miteru. I absolutely loved this crazy Japanese comedy starring Nodame Cantabile's Ueno Juri (Swing Girls, Joze, the Tiger, and the Fish) and Megumi Seki (Ayumi in Hachimitsu to Clover, Ganbatte Ikimasshoi) along with Airi Taira (Tantei Kazoku).

Subtitles:Anthony Kimm
QC & Re-timings:Pottie, scoobydoo & Treehugger
Taken from the subs
St. Michael's Academy...
built on a picturesque island afloat an azure sea.
Legend has it that the island was once beset by calamity...
with the presence of a ferocious dragon.
Archangel Michael descended|on to the banks of the sea...
to save three maidens who had fled to the "House of God".
It is a tradition saying that under St. Michael's protective wings...
an academic institution was founded to foster good wives and mothers..

A poor girl transfers to an exclusive school, and an adventure begins. Based on the manga Warau Michael by Izumi Kawahara.

Taken from the subs
I have no choice but to attend, be it St. Michael, Raphael or Gabriel.
The well-bred girls who attend this academy...
are thus referred to as "The Archangel's Maidens. "
But as with any social group, there are always outsiders.

Direct downloaded the movie here. Soft subs are included in the download. Download it now this movie is FUN!

* Audio - Japanese
* Subtitles - English
* Year - 2006
* Genre - Comedy, Fantasy
* Run Time - 92 min

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