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Friday, April 06, 2007

Himitsu no Hanazono Movie Screen Caps

The Secret Garden

aka The Secret Cache

Himitsu no Hanazono the 1997 film, not the 2007 TV series is a hilarious movie about a woman, Sakiko, who loves money. Stars Naomi Nishida as Sakiko (she played Rika in the Hachimitsu to Clover live action movie and over 38 other movies and TV dramas). During a job interview for a bank when asked if she has any hobbies she truthfully replies that she enjoys counting money. Naturally she gets her dream job only to become disillusioned when she later realizes she can’t keep the money that she counts at the bank. Bank robbers appear, kidnap her and promptly die in a fiery car crash. The police and bank officials believe the money was also destroyed with the crooks but Sakiko knows that it hasn’t and the rest of the movie outlines her outrageous attempts to retrieve the money.

This movie is truly laugh out loud funny and it’s all due to the wonderful performance of Nishida she carries this crime heist comedy perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good comedy.

Download the XviD video, bit torrent file here.

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