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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shinkokyo no Hitsuyo (Breathe In, Breath Out)

Aka The Necessity of Deep Breathing

Breathe In, Breath Out is about a group of young people who come to Okinawa to escape from their lives and harvest an old couple's sugar cane crop. Each of the workers has their own reason for being there. A high school girl who previously attempted suicide, a bored office lady, a former star baseball player who’s career was ruined while still in school by injury and a doctor who has had a young patient die and can’t come to terms with it. The foreman of the group seems to be permanently running from his life.

The task before the group is immense, a huge field of sugar cane must be harvested within 30 days before the processing plant closes or the kindly farmers will be ruined.

I really enjoyed this slice of life film and recommend checking it out to anyone who enjoyed Poppoya: Railroad Man, Udon or Hotel Hibiscus which was also set in Okinawa.

Download the bit torrent file for a copy of the DVD here.or download the XviD file here from FS Seeders.

Cast List
Sayaka Kaneko ... Etsuko Kawano
Karina ... Hinami Tachibana
Saburo Kitamura
Sayaka Kuon ... Misuzu
Masami Nagasawa ... Kanako Doi
Hiroki Narimiya ... Daisuke Nishimura
Nao Omori ... Yutaka Tadokoro
Shosuke Tanihara ... Shuichi Ikenaga
from imdb

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