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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tokkyu Tanaka San Go Episode 2 Screen Caps

This episode Tanaka, Hanagata and Momoyama take the girls on their first group date on a train. Hanagata and Momoyama mistakenly believe that all three women are "tetsu" (railroad) otaku like themselves and talk about nothing but trains and schedules and stations. At one point disembarking the train for one and a half hours so they can all enjoy the ambience of a deserted station. Tanaka meanwhile talks of nothing but himself and how Terumi is his "personal heroine". Needless to say the date ends early as Terumi having enough of Tanaka boasting stalks off, quickly followed by her friends.

Tanaka Ichiro is really starting to shine in this episode where the brash loud mouth begins to show some other facets to his character. Kuriyama's character is given a little more to do this episode beside flashing her panties and she may do fine in the romantic comedy given a little more opportunity.

Download the RAW video bit torrent file here. The soft subs can be downloaded here.

Screen shots are from early in Episode 2. Screen Caps, bit torrent files and subs for episode one can be found here.

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