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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Watashitachi no Kyokasho Episode 1 Screen Caps

I had no idea what this new Japanese drama was going to be about, all I knew was that it was set in a school. It opens with Kachi Kohei played by Itoh Atsushi (Densha Otoko), writing his name on the blackboard, telling a lame joke while the 2nd year middle school class sits in stony silence watching the substitute teacher. So I thought well this is going to be another school comedy if it’s nearly as good as Nobuta wo Produce, GTO or My Boss My Hero I’ll be really satisfied. But then he starts taking the role and the first student called, Aizawa Asuka played by Shida Mirai is missing. After homeroom he finds her sitting under a tree reading about war, poverty and famine. She asks Kachi if it is possible for one person the change the world. He doesn’t know how to answer her.
This is definitely a drama not a comedy and I won’t go any further into the plot details as I don’t want to spoil it. Kanno Miho (Ai no Uta) plays Tsumiki Tamako who seems to have some connection to Aizawa, Tanihara Shosuke (Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta!) plays Seri Naoyuki her boyfriend. Sakai Wakana (Enka no Joou) plays Yoshikoshi Nozomi the English teacher and Sato Jiro (Kiken na Aneki) plays Kumazawa Shigeichi the Japanese teacher.
I enjoyed this first episode and look forward to seeing how the story progresses. The story in this episode was mostly focused on the adults rather then the students.

Download the bit torrent file for the episode 1 RAW DivX here. The soft subs can be downloaded here. When you download the subs please thank the fan subber for all their hard work without them we wouldn’t be watching this.

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