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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Romeo X Juliet the Anime

I’ve come to really enjoy Shakespeare as I’ve gotten older. I hated it in school when I forced to read it, rushing to get through it. But after I actually saw a play or two I really started to like it and started looking for more instead of avoiding it. I don’t care if they change the story around it fact it often helps to bring it to a wider audience. I even liked the almost universally disliked Hamlet starring Ethan Hawke. The reason for the long preface is just to show my frame of mind about Shakespeare.
The animation is gorgeous, colors and movement as we are introduced to Neo-Verona, the setting of the anime where the Capulet’s formerly ruled but in the opening episode are all brutally murdered by the Montagues, the present tyrants. The story has been radically changed from two rival but roughly equal families to one of utter dominance. Throw in a Juliet who dress as a boy and resembles Zoro more then fair Juliet. Oh, did I mention Shakespeare appears as a character and they have flying horses. Anyways I love this anime, visual eye candy, great animation notably in the chase scenes. All in all a very entertaining adventure story. But if you are expecting a faithful rendition of the tragic love story, go rent the DVD you’ll be disappointed in the anime.

Take a look here for screen caps of the Japanese drama Romeo and Juliet. Download all the episodes currently released episode 1-3 by Umai-Fansubs and 1-2 by Shinsen-Subs here.

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