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Monday, May 14, 2007

Zero no Tsukaima

English Title: Familiar of Zero

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a 2nd year student at Tristein Academy of Magic where she is better known as "Zero Louise" for the amount of magical talent she has demonstrated so far. The series begins as she blows up a classroom with her first spell. Things don’t improve when the students are required to summons a familiar, most summons magical creatures such as bugbears, fire lizards and even a wind dragon. But Louise only manages to summons an ordinary Japanese school boy named Saito. This is when the ecchi harem comedy really begins. Saito is made to sleep on a pile of straw in Louise’s room and has to do her laundry, panties included. Besides the tsundere Louise we have the bishoujo overly endowed Kirche, the quiet meganekko Tabitha who’s catch phrase is “too noisy” and of course the beautiful maid character Siesta. Sure they are all anime/manga sterotypes but the plot moves along and a very enjoyable plotline develops. It’s a short series that’s been licensed by Geneon and hopefully will be released soon, I downloaded my copy a before it was licensed at Box Torrents and I look forward to the DVD release. A new season will begin in July due to the popularity of the 13 episode 1st season. There is also a manga and a lite novel that are both currently being scanlated and fan subbed. Screen caps are from early in the first episode. BTW the talking sword really reminds me of the talking ring in Garo. Give this series a try if you like magical girl shows or harem comedies. I really like both genre’s and thought the show was great, I can’t wait until July for the start of the next season. The fan service is really toned down after the first few episodes, but if that offends you should realize that there is some.

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