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Saturday, August 25, 2007

akihabara@deep 1 DVD Director's Cut Screen Caps

The akihabara@deep DVD Director's Cut for episodes 1 and 2 have been released by #TV-Nihon this description is from their site. If you haven't seen the show before the series really gets better and better as it progresses. I really liked it from the beginning but after about the fourth episode I realized just how special this show was.

At the end of each of the TV series release that line was left untranslated. Basically the TV series that aired (which we did the original subs off of) was not how the director originally intended for the series to be seen. The real show was always supposed to be for DVD release (more footage and whatnot)

What's different? Well, there's more footage for one thing. Some of the cuts are completely different. All the eyecatches were replaced with boring ones on the DVD (for reasons I fail to see) There's no longer episode previews. And they show the full ending sequence (plus no disclaimer to tell you to buy the DVD to see the real show). In addition, with the DVD audio being superior, I've gone through and reworked every script, so even with the old scenes some of the subs might be different from before. from the #TV-Nihon site.

It's a very nice release and I'll be downloading all the episodes because I really loved this series and I want to see the directors original vision of the show. My only complaint is that video quality could have been better with a DVD rip, the bit rate used in the encode is really low 976 kbps, so by making the file size a little larger the picture would have been sharper, I understand that the file size is probably so that all 11 episodes fit on 1 DVD-5. The encoder used GMC for the encode making it impossible to watch on a standalone DVD player. If you're encoding for computer only viewing and you want to keep the file size down why not use .h264 for higher quality? Anyways small complaints aside thanks a lot TV-Nihon for the new realease.

Download the first two episodes bit torrent files here.

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