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Thursday, August 30, 2007

akihabara@deep Episode 7 DVD Director's Cut Screen Caps

Ajita and Sati introduce this episode in Hindi, @deep is in trouble, the water has been turned off and they only have 8 yen in the bank. It seems that the troubleshooters actually lost money on every case that they worked on so far. Each of the members comes up with a plan to save @deep. Highlights this episode are Page and Izumu's plan to produce the ultimate little sister character. Daruma when he turns into Danbi, Box going out of thoughtless mode to save his model figure of Naru, and when Box kids Akira "Shall we call you the stuffy soldier". This is funny episode that features Himura Yuuki comedic talents, and takes place almost entirely in the @deep offices.

See screen caps for the other episodes here. No extra footage in this episode runs for the same length as the original TV version.

TV-Nihon released episode 7 of the directors cut last night, you can download the bit torrent file for this episode here. They released episode 8 this afternoon, I post some screen caps of that tomorrow.

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