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Saturday, August 25, 2007

N's Aoi (Nurse Aoi) Screen Caps

N's Aoi is based on a manga and stars Ishihara Satomi as Misora Aoi, a nurse who has just transferred to a rural hospital from her job at an urban hospital emergency room. There seems to be some scandal that occurred at her former hospital but the details haven't been revealed, the rumor that she had sex with a patient she strongly denies. This job is her last chance as a nurse. In the opening episode while rushing to work, she is run off the road by a motorcyclist and befriended by a older woman who runs a vegetable stand. Later at the hospital she discovers the motorcyclist is a doctor, Takagi Genta played by Yanagiba Toshiro, who comments that he likes her polka-dot panties but she is too old for them. The woman from the vegetable stand is admitted and becomes her first patient. The hospital itself is a pretty troubled place the intern is incompetent and the doctors care more about their private lives then their patients. The nurses send patients to other hospitals so that they'll receive better care. But there is supposed to be one good doctor on staff.

Ishihara Satomi has done a really fine job as the dedicated, vivacious nurse. She plays a character slightly less naïve then the one she played in Hanayome to Papa, she also very much reminds me of Aya Ueto when she smiles, very cute. If you liked Hanayome to Papa, or Kirakira Kenshui then you might really like this, although I think this is much better then Kirakira Kenshui at least the first two episodes that I've seen so far.

This 2006 drama is series of the week at D-Addicts all of the 11 episode bit torrent files can be downloaded here, all the episodes are well seeded so now's the time to grab this series. The soft subs were done by dancestar24 and can be downloaded here. The manga hasn't been licensed and I can't find scans of it anywhere, so if anyone knows of a scanlation please post a link in the comments section.

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