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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sexy Voice and Robo Unaired Episode 7

TV-Nihon has just released a hard sub version of the un-aired episode 7 of Sexy Voice and Robo. The reason given for it not airing on Japanese television was a real life incident was too similar to this episode, luckily it was included on the DVD release. Download it here at their tracker along with the rest of the series if you don't already have it. Thanks a lot TV-Nihon for completing this drama it's an excellent series I can't wait to watch it tonight.

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Beautiful Life Screen Caps

Kimura Takuya (Hero, Long Vacation, SMAP) stars as Okishima Shuji, he’s driving a motorcycle down a city street, Tokiwa Takako (Long Love Letter, Metro ni Notte) costars as Machida Kyoko she’s driving down the same street. When she stops for a light, while talking on her cell she unexpectedly sticks her hand out to check if it’s raining, Shuji coming up along side her car on his bike almost dumps the bike to avoid her hand. Then he starts an argument with her, she argues with him but then leaves. They both pull into the same building simultaneously He parking next to her, Kyoko asks him to move so she can get out, and he discovers that Kyoko uses a wheelchair. They both go into the library where Kyoko works at the information desk with Sachie played by Mizuno Miki (Oyaji, Salaryman Kintaro). Shuji approaches the desk ignoring Kyoko he asks Shuji for information about a book.

That’s how my favorite Japanese romance drama begins. Along with Kimura and Tokiwa are Watabe Atsuro (First Love, Byakuyakou) as Machida Masao,Kyoko's brother and Ikeuchi Hiroyuki (Bambino!, Ganbatte Ikimasshoi) as Okabe Takumi, Shuji's friend and an assistant hairstylist at the salon where Shuji works as is Hara Chiaki (Lion Sensei) who plays Ozawa Mayumi another hair stylist and former girlfriend. Koyuki (Kimi wa Petto, Laundry) plays another ex-girlfriend. The screenplay was written by Kitagawa Eriko (Over Time, Long Vacation, Orange Days). She’s won the best screenwriter award 5 times, including this drama. If you don’t hate love stories I’m sure you’ll like this. As I’ve said many times it’s not my favorite genre but this is an exceptional story and the two leads have a great chemistry with each other.

Japan TV fansub group has released a hard sub from the DVD’s with excellent quality for a series first broadcast in the winter of 2000. Download the batch torrent file for all 11 episodes here. It’s being very well seeded right now.

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Horikita Maki Photobook 2005 School Calendar

Horikita Maki is a great actress, and I've loved her in many of the roles that she's appeared in here are some of the awards that she has won for her acting.

* 47th Television Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Nobuta wo Produce)
* 49th Television Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Kurosagi)
* 29th Japan Academy Awards: Best Newcomer (Always -Sunset on Third Street)
* MTV Student Voice Awards 2006: Best Teen Actress
* Japanese U-20 Scholar Idol Ranking 2007: Placed #4
* Beauty Week Award 2007: Most Stylish Hairstyle for Short Hair division from wikipedia

This is the second photobook that Anonomouse sent me, over the next few days I'll post more. Note that the full sized scanned images are quite large and may take a while to load.

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