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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 5 Screen Caps

Mizuki is dragged from bed by the guys from Dorm 2 and taken to The Home of the Sea inn, Minami says it's for vacation but the fact is that Minami was told by his mother to bring them all there to help open the inn for the summer. After they arrive Nakatsu gets in an argument with Kagurazaka and it becomes a challenge between Osaka and Toukyo High. Meanwhile Sano is off to summer training camp but will his teammates accept him back? The popular Fuji TV reality show Ainori (Love Wagon) is referenced a few times during the show to show the progress of Nakatsu's and Minami's love life.

These are screen shots from the SARS Fansubs hard sub release, the final screen cap show the Karaoke effects. Download the bit torrent file for the SARS Fansubs hard sub version of episodes 1-9 here, the RAW video episodes 1-10 here, and v1 soft subs episodes 1-10 which have been corrected and finalized here.

Kai200X the guy gracious enough to sub this series for us all posted "I don't want my subs upload to streaming sites."
Please respect his wishes. Also please realize that he also has a life and is doing this as a favor to us, don't pester him when the next sub will be out, it'll be out as soon as he can complete it. If he quit subbing this now because people are abusing his kindness it would be a shame.

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