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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 2 Screen Caps

Hana Kimi Ep 02: Wrong Kiss

Well this post is almost two months late but here it is anyways, I really can't express how much I like this show. After about the third episode I ordered the manga, and so far finished the first 5 of 23 volumes. If you haven't seen the show it's a romantic comedy, with the emphasis on comedy, definitely my favorite show since HYD2 and if it keeps getting better in the last 3 episodes still to be subbed it will be the best show this year IMHO.

Episode 2 was the Mr Osaka contest and of course, Sano, Nakatsu and Mizuki are among those picked to represent Osaka, the Hibari Four represent St. Blossom's Academy as a King and Queen are to be picked. The prize to the winning dorm is an HDTV. Ikuta Toma is just great in comedy (see @deep posts), and it cracks me up when he agonizes over his feelings and Horikita Maki is excellent as a girl posing as a boy. The first few episodes I wasn't really happy with Oguri Shun, it seemed like he was playing a character almost identical to Hanazawa Rui but after seeing more of the story, I don't really feel that is the case. I really love who wins the TV but I won't spoil it here.

Download the bit torrent file for the SARS Fansubs hard sub version of episodes 1-9 here, screen caps are from the RAW video episodes 1-10 here, and v1 soft subs which have been corrected and finalized here. I'll use the SARS hard sub release in screen shots of episode 3 over the weekend.

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