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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari Episode 1 Screen Caps

Glow of Fireflies

Staring Ayase Haruka (Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Hero SP) as Amemiya Hotaru, she is a Himono-onna, what is a Himono-onna? Her fellow office ladies drinking after work describe it as "recently there seems to be a lot of those among girls in their twenties. At work they put on a face of a lively office lady. But as soon as they go home, they change to jerseys at top speed and their hair -Samurai-style topknot,and they might even scratch their butt." (From the DoReMii fansubs Himono=dried fish, Onna=woman). Hotaru is very happily living that way until her boss Takano Seiichi played by Fujiki Naohito (Proposal Daisakusen, Gal Cir) moves in with her after being kicked out by his wife. I started watching this drama last night and really liked the first episode very much. I’d never seen Haruka in any dramas before and when the season started I began watching Yama Onna Kabe Onna because Ito Misaki and Fukada Kyoko are in that and I only wanted to watch one OL drama at a time. I shouldn’t have waited as this opening episode was a riot. Hotaru is a very quirky character and Haruka is perfect in the role, this drama reminds me very much of Nodame Cantible so if you liked Nodame I’m pretty sure you’ll really like this.

Download the complete series raw video bit torrent files here. The first seven soft subs have been released by DoReMii fan subs and can be downloaded here.

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Anonymous Silly6 said...

I am almost done watching this series... it was entertaining. A series with Fujiki Naohito and he isn't dying or going blind. I have to agree that Ayase Haruka was hysterical as Amemiya, she didn't hold back on doing all those embarrassing things. I am so like her character when I am at home… If you look at my room at times it’s scary. Speaking of which, I need to clean it again. LOL

12/26/2007 10:24:00 AM  

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