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Friday, September 28, 2007

Kimi wa Petto

You're My Pet

The story opens with Sumire played by Koyuki (Engine, The Last Samurai) being comforted by her dog Momo in a flashback to her childhood, then it steps forward as she shampoo’s her new pet’s hair also called Momo played by Matsumoto Jun (Hana Yori Dango, Bambino). Then it steps back two weeks to the day that she acquired her new pet. Sumire is in a counselor’s office, she’s had a headache for 10 days, and she’s explaining that her former boyfriend left her because he felt uneasy with her because she had more education, made more money and was even taller than him. After leaving the counselor’s office she is confronted by her boss and after he asks if he should try to feel her butt, she knocks out two of his teeth. She finds at her apartment that evening, a large carton inside is a young man, covered in blood asleep or knocked out. She drags the carton to her apartment, binds his wounds and feeds him and when she awakes the following morning she discovers that her 10 day long headache was gone. Thus begins the story of how Sumire has a retained a new pet.

Along with Koyuki and Jun is a really talented cast, Sakai Wakana (First Kiss) plays a co-worker as does Tanabe Seiichi (Pretty Girls, Hotelier) and Sato Ryuta (Pride, Bambino!). Eta (Nodame Cantabile, Orange Days) plays a fellow dancer of Momo’s and Ishihara Satomi (Hanayome to Papa, Ns' Aoi) plays his former girl friend Rumi. When I first saw this drama I liked it a lot and it was one of the first manga I ever bought, I have 1-12 now and next week I’ll be getting volume 13 when Tokyopop releases it on Oct. 2nd. I have no idea why they had to change the title from You're My Pet to Tramps Like Us but it’s the only thing I don’t like about it.

Download the batch bit torrent file for the J-TV fansub here. It's really well seed for an older show which is a testament to it's popularity.

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