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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Boss My Hero Screen Caps

The drama opens in Hong Kong, Sakaki Makio played by Nagase Tomoya (Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Mukodono!) is instructed by phone if they offer less then 27,000,000 to refuse the deal with the Chinese mafia. They confuse him by offering 20+5+5+5, Makio can’t decide which is higher, thereby blowing the deal and erupting into a fight when the mafia accuses Makio of being an idiot. Upon returning home to Japan Makio is confronted by the head of the yakuza clan, Sakaki Kiichi his father played by Ichimura Masachika (Bambino) who tells Makio that he will no longer be allowed to inherit the clan instead leadership will pass to his younger brother Mikio played by Kikawada Masaya (Enka no Joou). Makio protests and his father relents stating that if Makio can graduate from high school by the following year then he will once again become the leader. Thus a 27 year old gang member is sent to high school, problem is he never even graduated from middle school.
At the school only the principal knows of Makio’s background and if anyone else finds out he will be expelled. His homeroom teacher is Minami Yuriko played by Kashii Yu (Tokyo Tower, Water Boys) and two of his classmates are Sakurakouji Jun playing Tegoshi Yuya (Gekidan Engimono, Gachi Baka) and Aragaki Yui (Papa to Musume no Nanokakan, Sh15uya) as Umemura Hikari. Two of the gang members supporting Makio are Tanaka Koki (Tokkyu Tanaka San Go , Byakkotai) as Manabe Kazuya and Osugi Ren (Hotelier) as Kuroi Teruyuki. Tanaka won the Best Supporting Actor at the Televison Drama awards and is really funny throughout the series as the sewing yakuza mother hen.
I liked this drama so much that after I finished watching it I obtained the Korean movie of the same title on which this Japanese drama is based and was severely disappointed, it is much more violent and has none of the heart that is displayed in this drama. If you liked GTO or Gokusen give this drama a try it’s got a unique yakuza school twist that the others didn’t.

Download the RAW video bit torrent files for the complete series here, the soft subs for all 10 episodes can be downloaded here. NYA fansubs have released the first 8 episodes as hard subs and the bit torrent file for those can be downloaded here. The screen shots below are from the soft sub release

The PV Sorafune by Tokio which is the theme song YouTube video is after the screen caps.

Sorafune by Tokio

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