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Friday, September 14, 2007

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Scanlation

The story starts as Itoshiki Nozomu (super negative teacher), hangs himself in a cherry tree. Fuura Kafuka (super positive girl) saves him. He tells her that he wants to die, she responds that he wasn't trying to kill himself and only hung himself so he would get taller. He arrives at school only to find that Fuura is a student in his class. A meeting that never should have occurred, the most negative man gets pooled with the most positive girl. The next chapter another student is introduced Komori Kiri (social reclusive girl) a hikikomori, The following chapter is Tsunetsuki Matori (very romantic stalker girl) is introduced as in the following chapter is Kobushai Abiru (suspected victim of domestic violence). Chapter 6 introduces a Kimura Kaere (bilingual personalities girl) a blond from overseas that the Nozomu won't look at because he's afraid that she'll sue him, she is in fact the panty shot character. Chapter seven we met Otonashi Meru the abusive text mail girl, chapter 8 we meet Kitsu Chiri (uptight girl) the class rep. The art work is highly reminiscent to Clamp's, Nozomu looks very much Watanuke in xxxHolic but the story's style is completely different to that Clamp title. If you enjoy a good parody, I highly recommend you check out the manga, I'll post some screen shots of the anime over the weekend if I have time.

When I saw how highly rated this anime is at ANN I decided that I had to give it a try, and laughed like crazy at the 5 episodes that have been fan subbed so far. Then I downloaded what is available of the manga. This summer this manga was adapted into an anime so far 9 volumes have been released in Japan, Volumes 1 and 9 have been scanlated. Download the first volume scanlation by en.tro.py here. Get Volume 1 & 9 on irc at #lurk.

Here's the first chapter scanlation, so you can get an idea before you download it.

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