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Monday, September 10, 2007

Shoko Nakagawa Gravure Idol & Science Geek

Shoko Nakagawa vs. The Science Guy

Who would you prefer to learn science from? Boring old white guy, or hot Japanese Hydraulic Engineer.

Idol Shoko Nakagawa continues to spread her presence in all forms of media. Her newest project is a radio program on the Nippon Broadcasting System, titled "Shoko Nakagawa's Giza Science!" Acting as a novice researcher, she will highlight interesting developments in cutting-edge science.
Last month, she appeared on a special program on the same station. Her ability to communicate to listeners in her own unique way impressed the staff so much that they set out to create a regular show for her.
"Giza Science!" is a collaboration with Nikkei Science, the Japanese edition of magazine Scientific American. University research staff will be invited to the studio to talk about advancements in fields such as genetic engineering, robotics, and space technology. One of Nakagawa's roles will be to make the material more accessible.
The show begins its broadcast on October 6, airing Saturdays at 9:30pm.
Nakagawa also has her second anime song cover album coming out on the 19th. from Tokyograph
My God I love Japan, everyday in every way they entertain me! Who's the idol that does the American edition of Scientific American?

Robotics Lab looks cool when taught by these plug suited instructor.

I never would have skipped biology if I could learn from Cat Girl.

Here's a bunch of photo's from her Gravure Idol Photo Book

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