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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tantei Gakuen Q Anime

Episode 1 of the anime involves a case where Kyu is accused of theft, “Megumi” steps in and explains that it was not theft, Kyu and Megumi are treated to a desert for solving the mystery, just as the two new friends are about to part they witness a suicide as they rush to the scene they knock over a bicyclist “Kintaro” and thus three of the cast are introduced. At the end of the episode they are invited to take part in the entrance exam to the Detective Academy. The case that is introduced in this episode differs from the manga opening and the drama special, but I was expecting a shounen anime of fighting and little thinking but for the age range the story was surprisingly good. I’m going to finish watching the summer drama series before watching much further in the anime because I don’t want any of the cases spoiled, but I’ll definitely come to back to this 45 episode series when the drama has been completed.

Download the first 26 episodes bit torrent batch file at Live-evil fansubs tracker here. Episodes 27-45 bit torrent batch file from Shinsen-Subs can be downloaded here. That completes the entire series.

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