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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Akihabara@DEEP meets 1966 Anime

Only a couple more anime posts then as the fall season starts I'll be doing mostly drama posts again. Here's both combined a 1966 anime theme and a 2007 Gravure Idol.

Sally, the Witch, also known as Magical Witch Sally (魔法使いサリー Mahōtsukai Sarī) is an early magical girl (mahō shōjo) anime in Japan (although it isn't the kind about a transforming one, e.g. Sailor Moon), and may have been one of the first such series produced. The series was originally black and white when it began production, but later started producing episodes in color. from wikipedia
More @deep news from MangaNext

Media Blasters will be releasing Akihabara @ DEEP, Makoto Akane's six-volume manga adaptation of Ira Ishida's novel of the same title. It was originally serialized in Comic Bunch magazine. The manga does not deviate from the story of the novel, which deals with six super-fans who band together to resolve the various problems and issues that residents of Tokyo's Akihabara geek mecca neighborhood face in their daily lives. Akihabara @ DEEP is also the source of an 11-episode live-action TV series and a feature film. Earlier this year at Anime Expo, Media Blasters confirmed that it will be bringing this film out under its Tokyo Shock label. from ANN

Yuka Kosaka Akira from the Akihabara@DEEP drama sings the theme song as only she can! The midi sounds almost like the @deep theme song.

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