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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Antique Screen Caps

As the drama opens we see pictures of cakes on display and a narrator gives some of the reasons that people buy them. The scene switches to a boxing ring where Kanda Eiji played by Takizawa Hideaki (Romeo and Juliet, Strawberry on the Shortcake) is doing well against his opponent as reporter Izuka Momoko played by Koyuki (Kimi wa Petto, Ikebukuro West Gate Park) sits ringside taking down the action on her laptop. The scene switches and a family is eating when Tachibana Keichiro played by Shiina Kippei (Seito Shokun!, Love Generation) announces that he plans to open a cake café. The scene switches to a restaurant kitchen the chef, Ono Yusuke played by Fujiki Naohito (Hotaru no Hikari, Proposal Daisakusen) after being praised for his skills is fired for an unstated reason. Then we switch back to the fight where Kanda knocks out his opponent, his manager gives him three pieces of cake in the locker room and tells him that his career in boxing is over, boxing isn’t your life find something else that you love.

That’s the beginning of the drama the three men eventually find themselves at the cake shop named Antique, so named because all of the furnishing are antiques, it’s a very odd bakery café, it stays open until 2 am and the customers have their own stories which are revealed as they interact with the staff. Abe Hiroshi (Musashi, Hero) also stars in the drama but comes into the storyline in the next episode. I’ve only seen the first five episodes but I love this comedy drama and it has some serious negatives against it. First I usually don’t like random dramas, I prefer one cohesive storyline, but in this case it really works well. Second thing against this drama is the video quality is quite poor it was a VCD ripped to DivX 3.1 and shows all of the problems associated with both formats compounded by the fact that the file was converted. But the worst thing about it is the subtitles. They were Chinese converted to English and sometimes leave me wondering what is really been said. All that aside I still really enjoy the drama, the cast is perfect together. I’ve searched everywhere that I know to look, for this drama and I can’t find it. One site that had it for direct download stopped hosting it. If anyone knows of a source please post a comment or send me and email and I’ll put the link in the post. I got my copy through snail mail trading a year or so ago. Highly recommend to fans of slice of life comedies.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have really apprecialed all your comments on japanese dramas. It has helped me find some really cool ones to watch like Nodame Cantible.
Anyways, you can watch the Antique series on crunchyroll.com. The quality is about the same as your screen caps. Enjoy.

11/21/2007 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Anyways, you can watch the Antique series on crunchyroll.com

Thanks, also I updated this post to point to the links where you can direct download the series. Thanks again to GiGi for uploading the series and also for sharing it with us.

It has helped me find some really cool ones to watch like Nodame Cantible.

There is going to be a Nodame drama special in January that the continues the story from last years drama series. I'll be posting about that when it airs, I'm a big fan of Nodame - Drama, Manga and Anime it's all great stuff.

11/21/2007 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger Charlie ' said...

omg :O the antique japanese is so old :o i've only seen the korean one ! uau * Ty

12/16/2010 09:38:00 PM  

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