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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ao no honou Screen Caps

The Blue Light
The movie opens with a finger against an aquarium wall as if petting a fish. But as the camera pulls back it reveals Kushimori Shuuichi played by Ninomiya Kazunari (Stand Up!!, Akimahende ) is inside the large empty tank that is next to his bed in his bedroom/bike repair garage. He leaves for school on his prize possession a road racer not a bicycle as he constantly has to remind those around him throughout the film. At school he buys a bottle of bourbon from a classmate, and sketches an imaginary nude picture of his girlfriend Fukuhara Noriko played by Matsuura Aya (Sukeban Deka). When he gets back home, he confesses his thoughts to his tape recorder before having dinner with his mother Yuuko Kushimori played by Akiyoshi Kumiko (Nodame Cantabile, Densha Otoko) and sister played by Suzuki Anne (Ganbatte Ikimasshoi, Akimahende), when Yuuko’s estranged husband Ryuji Sone demands sake we begin to learn the tensions that the family is living under.

The film begins and ends with Pink Floyd’s “The Post War Dream” that should be the first clue that this is going to be a slow and thoughtful movie. Ninomiya Kazunari is excellent as Shuuichi a bourbon drinking high school student who desperately wants to protect his sister and mother from the abusive Sone who has forced himself back into their lives. It’s a good thing that Ninomiya is such a good actor because he appears in virtually every scene and if his performance was less than perfect this movie would have fallen apart under it’s own weight. The imagery and symbolism of the film is striking with Shuuichi waking in a large tank, later dating at an aquarium, Haruka later in the tank. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys movies that will leave you thinking about for days to come like Metro ni Notte or fans of Ninomiya Kazunari who want to see him in a great role.

Direct download the movie here, I couldn’t find any seeded bit torrent releases when I searched for it.

YouTube video of The Post War Dream is posted after the screen shots.

Pink Floyd's The Post War Dream

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Anonymous P-chan said...

You watched it ^^ I'm glad you like it. I was kinda shocked at first when I watched it because before then I've only seen Nino in more comedic roles. After I saw Ao no Honou, I decided to try another psycho thriller movie called Dead Run which is directed by Sabu. It didn't have subs back then so I didn't quite understand what was really going on... but it was still pretty good. Maybe you would like that one as well. I'll probably go back and watch it with subs one day.

10/28/2007 07:26:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@ P-chan You watched it ^^ I'm glad you like it.
I liked it a lot, Ninomiya is such a great actor, I've never seen anything he's in that I didn't like.
I'm downloading Kiiroi namida and hope to watch that this weekend, there's a definite lack of drama being subbed. Thank god for Love Song.

Kiiroi namida
Synopsis:In the bustle of 1960s Tokyo, five young men cross paths and develop a strong friendship. Ambitious novelist Ryuzo (Sakurai Sho), aspiring manga artist Eisuke (Ninomiya Kazunari), painter Kei (Ono Satoshi), aspiring singer Shoichi (Masaki Aiba), and Yuji (Matsumoto Jun) who moved to Tokyo to make his own way end up living together end up living together. Each works hard to realize his dream, but the journey of youth is never straightforward.

Pretty good cast I hope it good.

10/29/2007 01:56:00 PM  

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