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Monday, October 08, 2007

Blue Drop Screen Caps

Episode 1 Hydrangea
The story opens aboard the UN space shuttle; a peace negotiator is worried about upcoming negotiations not meeting with expectations. The scene that abruptly shifts to a girl Mari Wakatake riding in the back of a car, we find out through flashbacks that she previously lived with her grandmother but is now being sent to the exclusive Kaihou Academy, where her grandmother hopes she will be able to make friends, but Mari believes she is just being dumped. Looking out the car window she sees a flock of sea gulls and a student standing surrounded by water and gulls. She arrives at the school and meets with the headmaster and his assistant as well as her homeroom teacher. While she is being given a tour of the school by classmate Michiko Kōzuki, the chauffeur explains that a terrible disaster befell Mari five years previously her parents the details of which she has completely forgotten. Mari decides to run away from the school but wonders where she can go. Then she meets Hagino Senkōji.

That’s the first half of episode one, I won’t say more about the plot don’t want to spoil it. It’s really difficult to say where this series is headed it’s listed as a shounen science fiction drama at ANN, but they only SF elements occur at the very beginning and ending of this episode. At some points the show felt like it had more in common with Maria-sama ga Miteru then a science fiction show like Ergo Proxy, but it definitely intrigues me enough to download more episodes as they are released. We’ll have to wait and see how it develops. Thanks to baka man who emailed and recommended this series to me.

Download the first episode XviD hard subs from Genjo-Subs here.

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