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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cutie Honey 1973 Anime Screen Caps

The Black Claw Captures the Heart
The anime opens in a church, a group of school girls and teachers sing as Honey Kisaragi sneaks under the pews to escape. A teacher follows her and thinks she has her trapped on a balcony, the teacher makes advances towards her and finally kisses her just as another teacher arrives only to discover Honey is actually a decoy. The teachers spot Honey out on the grounds and give chase, catching up as Honey climbs the wall, the teacher grabs her skirt, which of course rips. She finds a scooter but doesn’t know how to operate it when she hears her father’s voice advising her to say “Honey Flash”, she transforms and can now drive any vehicle. She crashes through the window of her father’s home and fight’s with Black Claw’s men, only to find her father dead. Hayami Seiji a reporter witnesses the destruction and is with Honey when she discovers a robot in her father’s image who tells her that she is not a human but an android built by Dr Kisaragi who raised her as his daughter.

Honey’s origin is revealed in this first episode of the 1973 anime that was released at the same time as the Go Nagai manga. What a fun show the reason Honey’s father was killed is because Black Claw was after the transformation device that Honey uses to transform with. Why, power, weapons, world domination? No, “If we had that device, the things that we women desire, those jewels like diamonds, rubies and sapphires, we could create anything we wish!”. Is the teacher mad that Honey snuck out of mass, no she just wants to steal a kiss from Honey. I would recommend this to comedy action fans who enjoyed dramas like Sexy Voice and Robo, or anime like Future Police Urashiman. The original theme song has been used in all the anime, and live action movies and TV shows.

13 of the 25 episodes bit torrent files are available from Sailor Spork’s tracker here, they’re the same group that’s subbing the new Cutie Honey The Live.

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