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Friday, October 12, 2007

Cutie Honey The Live

Well if you’ve been patiently waiting for the fall drama season to begin and wondering what will be the first show that gets fan subbed your wait is over. Cutie Honey the Live is the latest incarnation of the 1973 manga by Go Nagai and the second live action TV series. The first episode has been released by Spork Sailor Moon fan sub group. If you don’t know Honey is considered by many to be the model on which the later magical girl series have been based. So it’s not surprising that a fan sub group named after another famous magical girl would be releasing this. The first Cutie Honey TV series was broadcast in 1973 and a live action movie directed by Hideaki Anno in 2004, along with four different anime releases. Get the movie from Spork Sailor Moon and help support the group, they have an ad for the regular and special edition Bandai release.

The story starts with three prison breaks at three different prisons simultaneously, in each a strange weapon helped the convict escape. Then a girl goes into the Hayami Detective Agency which is located underneath a bridge. A filthy Hayami Seiji greets the young woman who we learn is Yamashita Nana her brother Jiro is one of the convicts who escaped and she wants Seiji to find him so that she can try to convince Jiro to turn himself in. Then the scene seems to randomly switch to the White Rose Academy the school Honey attends, where it’s time for the girls yearly physical.

That’s the plot of the first half of the 23 minute episode, Honey herself doesn’t appear until the episode is almost over, but I put up a screen cap so you could see her in her regular and transformation mode. Cutie Honey fans will surely want to download this very low budget but fun rendition. If you’ve never seen Honey this is a Japanese show that Quentin Tarantino or by Robert Rodriguez might have been inspired by. One thing to note this is late night TV series and there was a very brief half topless scene at the very end of this episode. Fans of Akihabara@deep or Garo would probably enjoy this. Honey is played by Mikie Hara of the music group Bishoujo Club 31 and Seiji is played by Syouma Yamamoto who was in the Garo Special: Beast of The White Night.

Download the English fan sub first episode here.

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