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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Goshūshō-sama Ninomiya-kun Screen Caps

Episode 1 Kiss Her
The story begins in the Arctic, as Shungo Ninomiya faces a polar bear which he quickly defeats then apologies , saying that it was only for training. Ryoko Ninomiya Shungo’s older sister complains that he’s taking too long, she’s cold and ponders maybe we should fight tigers in the jungle next time. The scene switches to a classroom Shungo is bound and back against the lockers as Hinako Ayakawa a classmate threatens him with sexual harassment in front of the other girls. The reason “We really love seeing you with a troubled face.” He escapes the girls only to be attacked his classmates Yoshida and Inoue, why because “We too love to see your troubled face”. Then a military helicopter drops a girl on him. The scene switches to a dream that Shungo is having about sleeping beauty, when he wakes in the nurse’s office in bed next to a beautiful girl Mayu Tsukimura. Her brother Mikihiro Tsukimura enters through the window on the helicopter’s ladder and hands Shungo a cell phone. It rings immediately Ryoko explains that the girl will be staying with them for a while and be sure to protect her. Then the male classmates arrive, Mayu cringes against a wall Mikihiro explains Mayu has androphobia, while the males act like flesh eating zombies toward Mayu, but when they touch her they pass out. Shungo grabs her and they escape.

That’s the first half of episode 1, it really made me laugh quite a bit, Ryoko is so cool she reminds me of female version of Sousuke from Full Metal Panic. The second half was pretty much devoted to fanservice. The show is listed as romantic comedy at ANN and is based on a light novel by Daisuke Suzuki. I don’t mind fanservice as long as it doesn’t become the only joke that the writers know how to tell, if the show maintains a good balance I’ll keep watching, we’ll just have to see what the next episode brings as another of the major characters is introduced.

Download the m.3.3.w fansub here at their tracker, in both XviD and H.264 720p .mkv matroska format.



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