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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Haken no Hinkaku Screen Caps

ハケンの品格 Haken's Dignity
Episode 1
To Work is to Live...Super Temp worker Arrives

The drama opens with an aerial view of downtown Tokyo as a narrator explains the 1986 Haken Labor Rights Act and its reforms since then. Since then the number of temporary workers has grown dramatically, there is much friction between the permanent salary workers and the temporary “Haken”. The scene shifts to Andalusia, Spain a group of gypsy sit around a fire eating dinner, when a cell phone rings and Oomae Haruko played by Shinohara Ryoko (Unfair, Anego) looks at the message, it’s the new year and time for her to return another 3 months of Haken labor. She bids the family goodbye and the scene shifts again, Mori Miyuki played by Kato Ai (Dream Again, Ikebukuro West Gate Park) is talking on a cell with her mother who’s clearly worried about the young part-time employee who’s clearly struggling in Tokyo and wants her to come home. Miyuki tells her not to worry she wants to keep trying in Tokyo. The next day she applies at Haken Life, as she has been unable to obtain salaried employment and is now desperate for money, but with little to experience even haken employment will be difficult to obtain. The scene shifts again and we meet the employees of S&F, Department Manager Kirishima Toshio played by Matsukata Hiroki (Hachiro),Satonaka Kensuke played by Koizumi Kotaro (Hanayome to Papa, Attention Please), Shouji Takeshi played by Oizumi Yo and Kuroiwa Masako played by Itaya Yuka (Abarenbo Mama, Sugar and Spice).Department Manager Kirishima is handing out promotions to Shouji who becomes the Head of Sales 2nd Division and to a clearly disappointed Satonaka Head of the new Marketing Division. Later as Satonaka rides the bus home, he is dragged out of his seat by the tie. Haruko pulls him out so that old woman can sit but when she exits the bus, Haruko takes his seat. The next day Kirishima, Satonaka and Shouji interview Miyuki who lies about her computer skills and gets hired, later Satonaka and Shouji meet with Haruko who presents them with her conditions of employment; this interview is merely for appearances she has already been hired with a three month contract.
I like this show so much that I watched the first 8 episodes over the past two days, it’s funny as the haken and the salarymen battle and Ryoko is great when she does a power-up at the end of the episode and saves the day like a shounen manga heroine. She’s so good that she won the Best Actress award for this drama. I would highly recommend this drama to any OL drama fans who liked Lunch no Joou or Yama Onna Kabe Onna.
Download the bit torrent files for all 10 RAW episodes here, the soft subs for the first 8 episodes have been released so far and can be downloaded here.
Keep checking for subs as I expect the subs for episodes 9 and 10 will be released shortly. I volunteered to help 8thSin the translator as an assistant 2nd editor on episode 10 as my first attempt to give something back to the fansub community that has keep me so well entertained for years.

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