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Monday, October 29, 2007

Horikita Maki Castella DVD Screen Caps

Happy Halloween
Here's some Horikita Maki cosplay!

I posted the scans of the Castella photobook a while ago. This DVD promo for the book begins on a walkway bordering the sea in Portugal, Maki is feeding a gull part of a muffin she’s eating, and then after some sightseeing she goes back to the hotel and gets dressed for dinner. She dines in a nice looking restaurant with a traditional Portuguese singer, then after dinner walks around the city at night. The following day she visits a church for more photo ops and sightseeing, later she arrives at the home of a Portuguese family where Maki along with the wife and daughter prepare and eat dinner then Maki does a little Portuguese cosplay as she dresses in a traditional Portuguese costume. Next she’s off with two girls to a Catholic school for a little basketball. The following rainy day she wears a sailor suit through her hotel as she takes pictures and plays the piano. At the end of the 55 minute DVD she hikes through the ruins of an ancient castle overlooking the sea and walks thru the surf as the sun sets.
This RAW video was both beautiful and entertaining. While subtitles or an understanding of Japanese would add to the travel information imparted if you are watching because you’re a Maki fan then they really aren’t necessary for your enjoyment, there being little spoken dialog.
I posted the DivX video file so you can view it on line along with the 10 minute special included on the DVD but both may also be downloaded, to download the video file click on the arrow to the right of the play button in the center of the screen. I downloaded the video and burned it to DVD so I could watch it on my widescreen TV video and audio quality was good, much superior to YouTube and I liked being able to download it and play it on my standalone DVD unlike YouTube videos which need to be converted losing even more quality in the process. I found a lot more of Maki’s videos so I’ll be posting them soon.

Castella DVD

Castella DVD Special

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