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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joshi Deka! ジョシデカ!Screen Caps

Episode 1
Crash! A battle between women!
The worst pairing in all history is born!

The drama opens as Kurumi in her first homicide investigation played by Nakama Yukie (Gokusen, Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta!) is shot while engaged in a gun battle along with her partner, Hanako played by Izumi Pinko (Yato, Haru to Natsu). Then the scene shifts to the previous month, it’s the day that Kurumi is promoted to detective and the day she meets her partner, a veteran with the best arrest record. Another body is discovered in a serial murder case, this victim was discovered alongside the river with a knife in his back, each victim has a different number written in the palm of his hand, and this victim had 07. The detectives watch the news from their office as the Chief of Detectives Aoyama Koichiro played by Masuoka Toru (Umizaru) chews out Hanako for causing another of her partners to transfer out of the unit. He warns her that today she would be getting her final partner, a rookie, but with amazing skills at the firing range, having won multiple shooting contests, if Hanako can’t keep her partner then Aoyama will have Hanako demoted even if she does have the best arrest record. That’s when Kurumi arrives, late, to be introduced to her new partner.
I was pretty disappointed in this show, I had high hopes for the drama because Nakama Yukie is a long time favorite in both drama’s like Gokusen and Trick and movies such as Shinobi: Heart Under Blade she’s great in both comedic and dramatic roles and she’s also quite beautiful. But the plot of this drama didn’t seem to know where to go, it starts off seriously as Yukie is gunned down, then it proceeds to make an idiot out of her. I find it incredible that anyone as idiotic as Kurumi could graduate from the police academy let alone be promoted to detective. She can’t drive, she can’t tell left from right and she daydreams that common objects like an exhaust fan are targets. The good thing about this drama is that it looks like it will cover one serial murder case having one coherent storyline, now they need to decide if this is a comedy or a drama. I’ll watch a couple more episodes to see if this improves but for now I’d much rather watch the other mystery shows Galileo and Yukan Club.
Download the RAW video files for episodes 1 and 2 here and the English soft subs for episode 1 here.

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