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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kimikiss Pure Rouge Screen Caps

Kouichi Sanada awakes from a dream to the ringing of the door bell, he wonders where his mother is when he finally goes to answer it. But a girl barges in before he can get there, She tells him he hasn’t changed at all, to bring in her luggage and that’s she going to take a shower. Kouichi is too surprised to reply but finally determined to find out who she is enters the bathroom. But the girl is changing, and he quickly retreats. While wondering who the girl is who seems to know him, the door opens again this time it’s Kazuki Aihara his friend and fellow movie club member. But he hears a girl’s voice coming from the bath and misunderstands what’s going on. Kazuki complains to Kouichi that he should have been told if he has a girlfriend especially if the relationship has proceeded to such a level, but Kouichi blurts loudly to Kazuki that he doesn’t know who the girl is. She overhears this and runs out in a towel yelling. But Kazuki seems to recognize Mao Mizusawa immediately, yelling her name as she yells his and Kouichi finally understands that this is his childhood friend Mao-chan. Kouichi’s mother arrives home to find the towel garbed girl hugging both boys. That’s when we learn Mao was overseas with her parents but has returned to Japan to attend high school, and will be living with Kouichi’s family as her parents are still overseas. Then Kouichi and Kazuki depart for their club meeting with Akira Hiiragi.

That’s the first half of episode one and it’s another show that I didn’t plan on downloading. I’m already watching Clannad and Myself ; Yourself two anime based on games as is this one, but when I read the wikipedia article I found out that the director of this show is Kenichi Kasai who directed both Nodame Cantabile and Honey and Clover two of my favorite anime. I enjoyed the first episode a good mix of comedy and introduction, and I’ll keep on downloading this one. If you enjoyed Nodame Cantabile or Love Com which just finished up, I think you’ll like this.

Download episode one of the English hard sub here.

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