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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Love Generation Screen Caps

Love Generation stars Kimura Takuya (Pride, Long Vacation, SMAP) as Katagiri Teppei, the story begins as he’s running through the Tokyo streets to the train station, it closes as he arrives. Sitting out front he calls a girl looking for a place to stay, she hangs up on him. Then a car pulls to a stop in front of the station, you can hear an argument, a women Matsu Takako (Shigatsu No Monogatari (April Story), Long Vacation) as Uesugi Riko, gets out of the car and throws her shoe at the car as it pulls away. Teppei asks Riko if she is alright, she responds by asking if this is how he picks up girls. Teppei replies that the train station is closed why don’t they go do karaoke. After more bickering the scene shifts to a hotel room, Riko is energetically singing, Teppei obviously wants to have sex, Riko reluctantly agrees but instructs Teppei to shower first. When he emerges from the bathroom, Riko is in bed fully dressed, asleep and lightly snoring. When he awakes the next morning Teppei is alone in bed and running late for work, he arrives to a message to see the boss. Teppei is being transferred from the creative department to the business department, a move that he’s not happy with. At the creative department the boss Kurosaki played by Hirata Mitsuru (Byakuyakou) tells the OL, Riko, to show Teppei around the department, she acts as though they’ve never met.

This is the beginning of a wonderful romantic comedy, Teppei is trying to get over a relationship with a girl from high school who he’s never forgotten and who’s recently started dating his brother. Riko’s just been dumped by her fiancé. Kimura and Matsu are great onscreen together and the chemistry here is the best of the three dramas in which they appeared in together, this, Long Vacation, and Hero. Kimura always seems to play the same type character but he does it so well, it doesn’t matter, most of his dramas are very entertaining. My favorite scene in the series comes in a later episode when Riko arrives dressed as a magician. If you enjoy romantic comedies I think that you’ll really like this one.

Download the bit torrent batch file for all 11 episodes with English subs here. It's pretty well seeded so it download fairly quickly.

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