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Friday, October 19, 2007

Minami-ke Screen Caps

The anime starts with the disclaimer "This story gives a straightforward account of the three Minami sisters' normal, everyday lives. Please have no expectations beyond that." With that kind of deadpan humor the show begins.
The scene opens with Haruka the oldest of the Minami sisters on the balcony stretching, when the teakettle whistles waking her sisters, first Chiaki the youngest of the three sisters goes into the kitchen and sleepily asks if she can help, then Kana the middle girl bounces into the kitchen and announces "Because it's Sunday she's going back to bed." But she obviously wants to do something with her sisters and readily agrees when they ask her to peel a potato which she does quite poorly, leaving little more then a pebble sized piece when she's done. Her sisters tell her to go back to bed.
So far I've seen the first two episodes of this anime and I have to say that I'm enjoying it very much. The first episode was good but by the second episode the characters have already been introduced and each of their personalities begin to take shape. In the first episode I really enjoyed Kana's over the top personality but in the second episode Chiaki was really the focus and quite funny in an understated way. This is the first of two anime series that are being based on the manga series by Coharu Sakuraba who also created Today in Class 5-2. So far it's been very faithful to the manga. The other anime is due to be released in 2008. I'll be posting the first chapter scanlation of that tomorrow. If you're a fan of Lucky Star or School Rumble you're sure to enjoy this slice of life comedy series.

Download the bit torrent files for first two episodes here.

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