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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mop Girl Preview Screen Caps

Kitagawa plays the part of the slow but hardworking Momoko, a low-ranking employee at a funeral services company who carries a mop as part of her job. However, Momoko happens to possess a strange ability. Whenever she comes across the corpse of someone who has left strong feelings behind, she travels back in time to save that person from his or her fate. From Tokyograph
The series stars are Kitagawa Keiko (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) as Hasegawa Momoko, Tanihara Shosuke (Pride, Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta!) as Ohtomo Shotaro, Asami Reina (Hotaru no Hikari, Suppli) as Ookouchi Hina , Takaoka Sousuke (Tokyo Tower 2007) as Wakayama Akira and Sato Jiro (Kiken na Aneki, Densha Otoko) as Higashi Shigeo

The theme song is performed by ERIKA "Destination Nowhere", that the singer name of Erika Sawajiri and it’s hersecond single that will be released in November.

Download the preview show here. The show looks pretty funny and is going to be subbed TimelesSub in hard and soft subs. The RAW preview runs 22 minutes and I don’t know if TimelesSub plans on subbing it or not. I’ll definitely be posting screen caps of the first episode after the subs are released.

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Anonymous machinato said...

I'm surprised to find someone who's into Japanese culture. Since I was born and raised in Japan and know the language, I think I have a deeper understanding of Japanese movies and TV shows than those who depend on subtiles. For instance, I "get" why they made Ito Misaki speak in Tsugaru-ben in Yama Onna Kabe Onna. I doubt that most non-Japanese would.

1/31/2008 05:22:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I agree Fred for a more complete understanding of all the subtleties in a good drama knowing the language and the culture is important. That's why a well done fansub anime or drama, should also include cultural notes when appropriate. Also the more you watch the more you learn, in fact I find some shows entertaining just because I learned something new about the Japanese culture. But I don't think you should be surprised that westerners are interested in the Japanese culture, check out how much anime and manga is available in the US and other countries and I think you'll find the Japanese culture has lots of fans. I hope some day Japanese dramas are released in the US like anime and manga is now. Also I wish more Japanese movies were released with English subtitles so we didn't have to impose on fans having to translate stuff for us.

In a perfect world Japanese producers would include English subtitle streams along with advertising and upload the stuff to the web the day after it's broadcast in Japan.

1/31/2008 06:26:00 PM  

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